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At Home of Hope Liberia, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable girls in Liberia. Through our holistic approach, we provide them with shelter, education, healthcare, and the support they need to break free from the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

Life Saving Healthcare
Trauma Healing Classes
Skill To Make A Living
Hope For A Future

How We Started

In February 2022, I had a heartbreaking encounter that changed my life forever. I met Princess, a devastated 16-year-old girl sitting on the edge of a hospital bed, mourning the loss of her baby and no way to pay her hospital bill. With no one to turn to and nowhere to go, I raised the funds for her medical care, but the question remained: Where would princess sleep the night?

Princess’ Story

It started in February 2022 when 16yo Princess was admitted to the mission Hospital. Princess is an orphan and was living with her grandfather. She was very unhappy living with him, and she ran away. In the capital city of Monrovia, she found a boyfriend and fell in love. He promised her the world. When Princess became pregnant the ‘boyfriend’ denied the pregnancy and left her. The short-lived hope Princess had found vanished. Since she had no money, she planned to give birth at home in the community. She was staying with a friend and when the time came, her labour was long and difficult. After many hours, Princess’ friend could see that she was in trouble and so took her to the hospital. Although they had no money, her friend knew it was a matter of life and death. At the hospital Princes delivered a baby girl by C-section, unfortunately the baby had already died. Since Princess had no money to pay the $250 hospital bill, she was not allowed to leave the hospital and after a month passed, I was called to see “a patient who couldn’t pay her bill”.

When I met Princess she sat on the edge of her bed and sobbed in my arms. She had nothing and no-one, and she grieved her dead baby. I raised the money to pay for her hospital stay, but where was I to send her? There were no homes for women and certainly no welfare payments for her. I prayed with her and wished her luck. But my heart broke. That night I couldn’t sleep in my warm comfy bed as I wondered where Princess was spending the night. And the countless other women I had seen at the hospital with nowhere to go. Including women who lived in violent relationships but continually returned there with no other place to go. That’s when I decided someone needed to open a crisis women’s shelter.

Grand Opening

Since opening in May 2022, Home of Hope Liberia has provided shelter to multiple groups of young women who have been cared for, loved, healed and given skills to make a living, and after graduation a new group of young ladies will come in.

Our mission is to rescue girls from the streets and lift them out of poverty. The girls we care for often arrive pregnant, abandoned, with infants in tow, or having survived prostitution.

Home of Hope is making an immense difference to these young ladies. Some of them would actually not be living today if it wasn’t for Home of Hope taking them in. 

Unimaginable Need

The need in Liberia is unimaginable. It is one of the poorest countries in the world and there is no welfare system.  I saw the need, gathered a team and we filled that need.

Home Of Hope Liberia opened in May 2022, and we are currently housing our second group of young ladies who will be ready to leave the home next month. Home Of Hope brings girls off the street and out of poverty. Many are pregnant and abandoned, or with babies already. Some come out of prostitution. Many arrive beaten and abused. Most of them have been raped at some point (75% of Liberian women have been raped). Some of them have already lost babies to starvation and disease. They are hungry, sick and depressed.

Changing The Whole Community

We house approximately 12 women per group, and we have eight staff members, including two directors, three female caretakers, and three security guards. I am proud to employ these 8 people, as it has provided 8 jobs in a country where work is hard to find!

Vocational Training

Our girls come from backgrounds of poverty, abuse, and neglect, and lack the necessary skills and education to secure stable employment and support themselves and any children they may have.

Trauma Healing

Classes are designed to help women who have experienced trauma and abuse to heal and rebuild their lives in a safe and supportive environment.

Health Care

We provide our girls with proper healthcare for illnesses and injury.
If a woman requires specialized medical attention during pregnancy, we ensure she receives it.

Our Guest’s Stories

Princess’ Story

Princess’ Story

Princess' Story  Grieving Her Baby When I met Princess she sat on the edge of her bed and sobbed in my arms. She had nothing and no-one, and...

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Angel’s Story

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