Health Care

At Home of Hope, healthcare is a significant cost as we prioritize the well-being of our girls and their babies, providing comprehensive medical care upon their arrival.

We offer prenatal and postnatal care, medications, and wound treatment, addressing both major and minor illnesses and injuries to ensure the health and safety of our residents.

Life Saving Healthcare
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Health Care

Healthcare represents a significant portion of our expenses at Home of Hope as we prioritize the well-being of our girls and their babies. Upon arrival, they undergo comprehensive medical check-ups due to their often poor health condition, such as Safi’s severe rashes, baby Emmanuel’s near-fatal pneumonia, and the life-threatening childbirth situations faced by Rita and Marthalyne, which were successfully addressed through hospital deliveries via c-section. 

Infant Mortality

Liberia has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the world, with many babies dying before their first birthday due to preventable causes such as malaria, malnutrition, and pneumonia. We have guests on a regular basis arrive at Home of Hope having already lost babies to preventable death.

Malnutrition is also a significant issue affecting babies in Liberia. Many of our girls at Home of Hope have struggled to provide their babies with nutritious food due to poverty. 


As a result of malnutrition, many babies suffer from stunted growth, weakened immune systems, and developmental delays that can have long-term consequences. At Home of Hope we are changing this for many! Additionally, many many mothers in Liberia don’t know how to care for and interact with their child. At Home of Hope, we teach young mothers how to properly care for and nurture their babies.

Heart Breaking Pain

We have many girls present to us with wounds from harsh living and beatings.
We provide our girls with proper healthcare for major and minor illnesses and injury. Some of them are on regular medication and we are able to supply these through the hospital.

Expecting Mum’s

For pregnant women, we offer comprehensive prenatal care, including regular check-ups and ultrasounds. In a country where the maternal mortality rate is alarmingly high at 990 deaths per 100,000 births (compared to 6 deaths per 100,000 in Australia), it is crucial to prioritize safe deliveries. Therefore, all our girls give birth in a hospital setting. We also provide postnatal care, ensuring follow-up check-ups for both mother and child. Budgeting for essentials like diapers is also essential to meet the needs of our growing population at Home of Hope.


In Liberia, the joyful exclamation of “Bobonabo!” celebrates the arrival of a new baby, a common occurrence at Home of Hope. We have many young mothers who have been left alone and abandoned by fathers who refuse to take responsibility. Some women do not have any other family to support them, or they may have families also living in poverty who are simply unable to help them.

Family Tracing

Sometimes our girls come in having lost all contact with family. They don’t have money for transport to look for family in their home village.

Vocational Training

Our girls come from backgrounds of poverty, abuse, and neglect, and lack the necessary skills and education to secure stable employment and support themselves and any children they have.

Trauma Healing

Classes are designed to help women who have experienced trauma and abuse to heal and rebuild their lives in a safe and supportive environment.

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